Late completion is annoying and can be very costly in commercial construction. There are ways to speed up the process.

Handle Permits Early

Avoid delays down the road by getting all of the regulatory work out of the way early. Hold meetings with the authorities, and request options for ways to deal with regulations, such as pre-submittal and pre-approval. Ensure that your contractor handles water and environmental matters early as well as the typical building permits.

Focus on Time From the Very Beginning

Ensure that your contractor understands how important timely completion is to you. Structure your contract so financial incentives are available when the contractor completes the project on time or early. Consider penalties if the project is late. Sometimes a negative incentive can be more powerful than a positive one.

Maintain Good Communications with Your Contractor

Commercial construction always goes smoother and faster when information is shared immediately and often. Give your contractor methods of reaching you, and commit to open communications.

You want your contractor to be a partner. Discuss that you expect your contractor and his team to be proactive and suggest anything that could speed up the project. You need a game plan for regular meetings and collaboration throughout.

Handle Your Tasks as Quickly as Possible

When you have construction-related tasks to complete, handle them as quickly as possible. Strive to never be a factor in delaying the project in any way.

Motivate Your Contractors

There are a number of techniques that you might consider to motivate your construction team to speed up the project without sacrificing quality. You might offer a special bonus, weekly cash bonuses for progress improvement, a bonus for ideas on how to reduce construction time, and perhaps a three-day vacation for the key construction people and their significant others for meeting an important completion benchmark. There are other good methods of motivating. Use your imagination, and get your commercial construction completed.