Transform Your Dreary Unfinished Basement Into a Vibrant Game Room

storage space into something more functional.

Some are taking it one step further by emphasizing the “fun” in “functional” with a dedicated game room. With these three steps, you can make your basement remodeling project one that ends with an entertainment destination for you, your family and your friends.

1. Narrow Down the Theme

Your first task is to decide exactly what kind of game room you want. For example, if you’re a rabid sports fan, you might want a lounge- or bar-style environment where you can host World Series parties or enjoy Sunday’s game in high-tech splendor. On the other hand, you and your kids might bond in a board and video game room where you can retreat for a weekly family fun night.

2. Plan the Design

Next, decide on how to structure your basement remodeling to best accommodate your goals. Large, flat-screen televisions and quality surround sound will make you and your fellow fans feel like you’re actually in the crowd. A wet bar and a mini-kitchen will make providing refreshments easier, and you’ll want to have plenty of tables for snacks and cushy seating.

Big TVs, comfortable seating and side tables will also come in handy for long video game quests. If you lean more toward card games, make sure you include tables with enough space so that all the players can hide their hand. Plenty of wall shelves are a must for board game enthusiasts who want to keep their games organized and at the ready.

3. Work in the Features

While you may encounter limitations such as empty but unusable space, HVAC equipment and structural supports, you often have much more design flexibility with an unfinished basement. After you’ve done the legwork in the previous two steps, a professional remodeler can look at your basement and help you make the most of your space.

When you’re ready to ditch the dull and design an in-home entertainment hub, work with your local basement remodeling contractor and retrofit the game room of the decade.