Home additions are ideal for expanding homes and helping homeowners create their dream home. However, there are many factors you need to consider before you launch a home addition project. Find out if your foundation is prepared for an addition and why you need a qualified professional to create a safe, efficient addition to your home.

Water Issues

A common problem with an addition is water intrusion. An inexperienced contractor may not direct water flow properly. Roof angles, new foundation designs, fill and gutter installation all create a unique water flow design around your home. If it’s altered incorrectly, you could be creating areas where water can pool near your home.

Pooled water soon leads to basement leaks or excess moisture in a crawl space. Both of these issues come with costly repair and can be avoided by an experienced contractor. Work with a build team experienced with home additions to avoid troublesome leaks.

Joining Problems

There are many ways to add an addition to your home. If you are adding a second story, you need to be sure your foundation is built properly for the additional weight. A  more common addition is connected to a side of your home. This type requires a new foundation. Joining a new crawl space or basement to your existing addition can be a complicated process. Without proper care, you may put too much weight on the old foundation or encourage water intrusion.

Work With a Professional Contractor

Enjoy home additions the right way. Contact a professional contractor in your area and discuss any potential foundation concerns before work begins. If you’ve already received a home addition and have water issues, find out how a qualified professional can repair your foundation. A skilled contractor can inspect your soil and drainage material and use gravel and other materials to allow water to naturally drain away from your home.