Is It Possible To Remodel Historic Homes?

While it would be nice to preserve the history or memories associated with an older home, most often, the layout and structural integrity of the building require tremendous renovation in order to make the flow work to your advantage. Older homes tend to have limited re-design opportunities, often costing more money and resources than what a home may be worth. There comes a time to think critically about options with historic remodeling.

Realize the Limitations

A contractor looking for your business may try to tell you that anything is possible with your house, and while it is true that you may be able to get what you want, you might not get a realistic understanding of the price you will have to pay. When contractors start talking about your foundation, moving load-bearing walls and other structural issues, it generally means an engineer is going to be involved with the planning and architectural plans for the future. Major changes in an old home will require significant structural adjustments.

Modern homes place the structural features on the exterior walls, leaving the interior walls for the simple purpose of dividing a room rather than bearing a load. However, homes with stairwells, two stories and other structural features require the interior walls to serve multiple purposes, often bearing a cost-effective way to bear a load.

Understand the Process

Historic remodeling is possible, but it could be a lengthy process. One-story homes often fare better if you are looking to create more spacious rooms by knocking down walls. So long as any loads can be transferred to another structural component or roof trusses bear the weight, you are able to make changes to your interior. Such changes always require the input of professional contractors licensed engineers or architects.

Hiring a professional contractor to undertake your historic remodeling project is the safest, most cost-efficient way to achieve a new look in your home. Realize that changes may not always be possible, but having the right team on the job can guide you on the options available.