Here Are the Main Benefits of Design Building

If you’ve never heard of design build (DB) before, it describes a specific type of project delivery. In older models, homeowners generally hired a contractor and a designer and played liaison between the two. However, when it comes to the more contemporary way of building, homeowners contract with one company that handles all the specifics of the project. Here are some of the benefits for clients.

One Point of Contact

One of the most attractive features of the DB method is having to contract with only one company. For the homeowner, that means less time spent researching different companies, taking bids, looking at proposals, accepting offers and signing contracts. They can speak to one person who is in charge of the project and reasonably expect that all teams on the project should be in sync with each other.

More Cost-Effective

On a cost per square foot basis, design build projects are 0.3 percent more affordable than design-bid-build (DBB) and 1.3 percent more affordable than construction manager at risk (CMR) models of project delivery. DB project costs also spike 3.8 percent less than DB and 2.4 percent less than CMR. Put simply, DB projects cost less and are less likely to go over budget, meaning the homeowner can worry less about running out of money.

Faster Finish Time

Another perk of the DB model is how much faster the project is completed. Estimates say project delivery time is 102 percent faster than the DBB model and 61 percent faster than CMR. This allows homeowners to enjoy the fruits of their labor and leads to a shorter period of disruption to their household.

Hiring a professional that uses the design build method is a faster, more affordable way to complete a project. Not only does it help to make life easier for the homeowner, but it also helps to make things easier for contractors. This is because all teams who compose the building process now answer to one centralized individual, the project manager.