Converting Your Patio Into Additional Living Space

Building on your home’s patio can create more usable living space for a variety of potential uses. Here are a few reasons why your home’s patio may be the ideal place for an addition.

Comply With Local Regulations

When you use a patio or deck area as the foundation for a home addition, you’ll be less likely to have to worry about running afoul of local zoning regulations. In some municipalities, there are strict requirements about how close your home can be to the street or a neighboring property line. If you use an already-existing part of your home as the site for an addition rather than trying to build onto the side, you’ll be better assured of complying with any applicable restrictions.

Create an Accessible Living Space

If need more space for an aging parent or a disabled relative to come live with you, your home’s patio could be the most practical location for a home addition. You can create an easily accessible living space with a ramp to avoid stairs. If necessary, you can easily customize the new room with a wide door frame and other features to be wheelchair accessible. Your loved one will find it convenient to be situated on the same floor as your home’s kitchen and living room.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

If you like to use your patio area to enjoy the outdoor scenery, you may want to consider converting the area into a sunroom. You and your family will like having an area with an outdoorsy feel that you can enjoy year-round. Pets in particular will like having a whole room full of windows to hang out in.

Adding onto your home will enable you and your family to enhance your use and enjoyment of your home. Putting your patio area to a new use can help create a welcoming space in a great location.