Common Basement Remodeling Obstacles

Perhaps you’ve grown tired of your basement’s current look and feel. You’re ready to talk to a professional about your basement remodel, but what challenges should you discuss together? Avoid an unnecessary disaster while bringing out the best in your basement with the right tips.


Prioritize looking for and resolving dampness in your basement. One clue that you may already have an issue is it feels colder or warmer in the basement than in other rooms. If you learn you have too much humidity, budget for sealing your basement’s walls and floors. Depending on your budget, install either radiant floor heating or a dehumidifier to control the problem. 

Ceiling Height

How much headroom would you like for your basement remodel? You may not mind a low ceiling, or you may prefer to raise the ceiling by framing boxes around ducts. While you can reposition your basement’s ductwork, that may fall well outside your budget.

Support Posts of Beams

One thing to consider with your new basement is whether you want to keep visible support beams or posts. With a remodeling professional’s help, you can design your remodel around the structures. For instance, many homeowners put visible beams and posts inside closets or walls.

Access to Plumbing

It’s a good idea to look for wiring, plumbing and appliances in your basement because you likely want to continue having access to these spaces during and after your basement remodel. Other than a drop ceiling, you may also like the idea of adding small access doors in the ceiling. 

Air Conditioning and Heating

Will your current HVAC system keep your basement comfortable along with the rest of your house? If not, a separate heating and cooling system may fit your needs. Otherwise, explore your options for zoned heating and cooling.

Understanding basement renovation challenges helps you bring out the best in your new space. Learn from others’ mistakes rather than make your own.