Nothing gets more modern than a new construction home. Built to the most recent standards, and often incorporating new technology, these homes are contemporary marvels. However, there are a few things homeowners should keep in mind to ensure they purchase a home that will stand the test of time.

1. Check the Warranty

One of the main reasons that homeowners prefer new construction homes is the warranty that comes with them. Always check to see what is covered under the warranty and for how long. You then need to ensure you do another inspection of the home before the warranty expires as homes may change after they settle.

2. Foundation

The worst problem a homeowner could find is cracks in the foundation. Hairline cracks may not be an issue. However, more noticeable cracks may cause the home to lean, sink or come tumbling down. A professional inspection can tell you how serious it is and how to address it.

3. Drywall

Check the walls to see if you notice any seams or bumps. It should also be impossible for you to tell where new sheets of drywall were added and joined together. While this may not affect the structural integrity of your home, it certainly implies carelessness.

4. The Floors

Another place you may come across careless craftmanship is the floors. Walk along the stairs and through all the rooms and corridors. You should not hear a single creak. If you do, the floorboards were not properly installed. While not typically a structural problem, those creaking floors will only grow worse and more annoying over time.

Do you pride yourself on attention to detail? This will serve you well when purchasing a home. While new construction buildings tend to be of better build than older homes, that all comes down to workmanship and the builder’s own attention to detail. Always get a new home professionally inspected.