3 Unique Uses for Converted Attic Space

As your family grows, your home’s space grows smaller, which may lead you to convert some areas so you can use the space more efficiently. The attic is one such space that might provide you with a variety of options, and no matter the type of attic renovation you invest in, expanding your home can make it feel more comfortable.

1. A Creative Space 

If you have an artist, writer or other creative in the family, renovating your attic into an artist’s loft may help inspire him or her to create new works of art. Include plenty of windows to allow natural lighting in, a sink for cleanup, and plenty of built-in shelving to hold instruction booklets and journals. The creative in your family will probably be glad to have a space that is quiet and comfortable, whether they sculpt, paint or want to try a hand at screenwriting.

2. A Gym 

Working out at home can help you save time and money and give you fewer excuses to skip those much-needed daily workouts. You can store your gym equipment there and add speakers so you can watch your favorite program or music as you exercise. Consider adding a half-bath during your attic renovation so you can rinse off right away once your workouts are finished.

3. A Home Office 

Whether you work from home or want to start a small business, converted attic space can make for a comfortable home office space. Add some energy-efficient windows and lighting and ask your home renovation service about adding some new wiring for your internet service. A quiet, secluded spot to work that you can decorate to your tastes can help you feel comfortable in your new role as a small business owner or freelance worker.

How you choose to renovate your attic space is up to you, but working with an experienced construction team can help bring your design ideas to life.